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A Yacht Share offers you the chance to cruise Sydney’s iconic waterways in style

Enjoy the yachting lifestyle for a fraction of the cost, while
enjoying a bespoke walk-on/walk-off service
  • A yacht share from Luxury Boat Syndicates puts you at the helm of a beautiful boat, right on your doorstep, here in Sydney Harbour

    If the aquatic lifestyle appeals to you, now is your chance to get involved.

    With a yacht share, you split the cost of the boat with seven co-owners. The yacht is yours for a given number of days in a calendar year, split evenly through peak periods and weekends. Often, we find that this is the same number of days that a privately-owned yacht gets used in an entire year. The difference? Your investment, in both time and money, is far smaller.

    A yacht share with Luxury Boat Syndicates sees us cover all dockage, refuelling, and maintenance work, so all you need to worry about is your destination. And if that is too much, one of our qualified skippers can take the helm. We can also organise catering and galley stocking.

  • What are the benefits of a yacht share with LBS?
    • 1) Handpicked yachts. We have chosen carefully, with yachts that suit both Sydneysiders and the cruising landscape
    • 2) Concierge treatment. No time need be spent on maintenance, fuelling, or shopping pre-cruise. Simply arrive and cast off.
    • 3) Qualified skippers. If you are keen to entertain or just want to enjoy the views, let us take the wheel
    • 4) Regular maintenance. We take pride in the presentation and operation of the yachts
    • 5) An adaptable function. Our yachts, and our services, are perfect for entertaining both families and corporate groups

    A Yacht Share with Luxury Boat Syndicates is the smart way to own a yacht here in Sydney.

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Why pay for a luxury boat everyday if you don't use it every day? From a financial perspective, using Luxury Boat Syndicates is a no brainer, compared to owning your own boat.

Your can get access to a much bigger boat than you can afford to buy and for a fraction of the cost.

Chris Gray


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