How many days can I use the boat?

Owners get allocated 43 days per year to use their boat. The days are broken into 13 weekend days and 30 weekdays. Owners are also entitled to unlimited standby days.

Can I use the boat overnight?

We encourage overnight use as we want owners to receive the full experience and true value your boat can deliver.

Am I confined to certain waterways?

Not at all – it’s your boat. However, you may want to employ a skipper if you are going into unchartered waters for the first time. We are always happy to recommend a skipper to you should you wish. Also, it is paramount that you check the weather forecast for the duration of your trip.

Can I be trained in boating if I am a beginner?

Yes. Full comprehensive training is provided and must be completed before your maiden voyage. Additional training can be arranged should you not feel confident in any aspect of your skill set.

Who else can take control at the helm?

Each owner may nominate two extra drivers over 18 years of age. Each nominated driver must undertake the relevant training and be deemed confident.

How do I become an owner?

Simply fill out the EOI (Expression of Interest) form by clicking below. Make an appointment to come and speak with Luxury Boat Syndicates and we can go through all aspects taking part in a syndicate and the services available to you to see how it can suit your individual lifestyle.

What license do I need?

A General NSW MARITIME boat driver’s license is necessary for any prospective boat captain. The license must be kept with the captain at all times.

Can I sell my share?

Your share is fully transferable. Luxury Boating Syndicates can help you advertise and sell your share.

Is the boat available 365 days per year?

Luxury Boat Syndicates is open for boating 365 days a year, but we allow 21 days annually for scheduled maintenance to keep your boat looking fresh and running perfectly. We try to plan maintenance outside of prime time—school holidays and weekends—so you can enjoy your boat when you most want to. That includes weekends and public holidays, including Christmas and New Year’s.

Regular servicing also preserves the resale value of your boat. Because we service boats twice a year, you don’t get expensive problems like gearboxes that need replacing when they could have received preventive maintenance at a fraction of the cost. Also, a service history gives your boat a profile, and it lowers your insurance premiums.

What if I want to sell my share?

Every syndicate has a predetermined end date, which is usually less than 3.5 years. The period varies slightly because the end date is timed to coincide with selling before an Australian summer to get the best price in the shortest time.

When we sell the boat, the owners receive equal shares in the proceeds.

If you want to sell you share before the dissolution of your syndicate, you can, and we will be happy to help you find a buyer.

Excellent boat share model. I have several friends who have purchased a share in a  boat through Luxury Boat Syndicates and they are all very happy.

Frank Gray 

Ian and his amazing team have literally changed our lives. We are so thankful that a service like this exists and Ian made it happen.

Stephan Kljajic 

Ian and the team provide a fantastic service. From the moment we met Ian we knew this option was right for us. We are in love with our boat and look forward to many more days on the harbour.

Daniel Ashley 

Great service, and expeditiously fixing all problems that inevitably arise on boats, that leave all other boatshare companies in its wake.

Robert Benz 

Ian and the LBS team have excelled in every respect, making our boating experience absolutely top drawer. The management and commercial model works very well, service is always with a smile, and we are a couple of very happy campers. Try it, you'll like it!

James Gately 

Why pay for a luxury boat everyday if you don't use it every day? From a financial perspective, using Luxury Boat Syndicates is a no brainer, compared to owning your own boat. Your can get access to a much bigger boat than you can afford to buy and for a fraction of the cost.

Chris Gray 

I am very happy with the service, amazing.

Chris Newport 

Ian and the team have done a wonderful job accommodating myself, friends, family and work associates. I would highly recommend his product and service to anyone thinking about buying a boat - you'll no doubt have experiences you will fondly remember for your whole life.

Michael Zahn 

Ian provides an amazing walk on walk off service which is ideal for young families and experience boaters alike. This is the only way to own a boat on Sydney Harbour. All the service without any of the hassle. A truly professionally run service orientated business, where the customer comes first, and nothing is ever too much trouble.

Darren Patterson 

LBS provides us a fantastic service for business meetings, and corporate days. Our clients, prospects (& management team) love the walk on, walk off service - no dramas, so we can get on with our business & the incredible catering service always down well. The LBS service is friendly, relaxed, and above all professional. For our company it helps us win deals. Thanks guys, keep up the great work.

Consultrix Australia 

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